Lecco Innovation Living Lab

Lecco Living Lab is a distinctive interface for the whole system of innovation in Lecco, and it runs as an outsourced research and development lab.

The theme of the Living Lab is the innovation, with a particular focus in the field of rehabilitation, inclusion (social and labour) and the strategic approach to innovation.

The experience and knowledge of the skills all along the Lecco area, show, in fact, that the Lecco economic fabric allows to prototype, test and produce search result.

Lecco Innovation Living Lab is the formalization of a long-term strategy and a practice activated in 2004 as part of their rehabilitation and the strategic approach to innovation, the Lecco system.

logo_ENOLL_smallLILL is part ENOLL, the European Network of Living Labs.

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The Lecco Innovation Living Lab is a shared infrastructure aims to test new technologies and research results in real conditions and in a geographical demarcated context.

The model is based on the collaboration between institutions, companies and research organizations that involve "End Users" of the innovation processes in all their components.

Lecco Innovation Living Lab is a part of a Living Lab environment that consist of 391 European living lab, and 75 Global living lab.

Designing with LILL

The resources Living Lab will be activated selectively.

On one hand users or institutions may propose (or will be asked to propose, when funding is available), a question, a problem, a theme (input). The evaluation of the proposal will be carried out by the Living Lab staff and its partners, and will be identified resources and created the most appropriate contacts in the industrial and / or technical scientific branch.

On the other, will be activated all the aid needed to support the business, and additional management resources will be required to contribute to the resolution of problems, budget, and patents in order to achieve their goal (output). These outputs can lead to a systemic national or international research projects or R&D or the creation of a product, service, etc.